Unified Mortgage Origination interface
for lead management, point of sale and
processing of loans that achieves

50% more conversions in 1/2 the time

2X lead volume with high quality leads

50% efficiency gains

Loan production costs are high and we remain in a competitive market. Loan conversion is critical, but multiple systems and poor communication can reduce conversion rates. A one-stop-shop for enhanced lead and referral management, point of sale (POS) and loan processing can resolve a lot of these issues.

Coforge BPS & Inflooens have partnered to offer an innovative cloud-based platform, integrated with the Top Loan Origination System (LOS) for Mortgage Bankers & Brokers, to increase quality, efficiency and transparency for originators, vendors and borrowers using a next-gen solution built on CRM.

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The SolutionThe-Solution-2

Key Features Delivered:

integration-2 Integrated Live Insights

  • Birds-eye pipeline view with drill down capability into live operations
  • Real-time, integrated reporting suite that delivers actionable insights

partnershipReferral Partner Management

  • Integrations with 3rd party data sources to identify realtor target relationships
  • Organized and systematic approach to nurture referral targets
  • Actively focused on high performing referral channels, using real-time data to drive conversations

natural Lead Management

  • Digital view of all leads organized by sales stage for quick prioritization and action
  • View leads to signed disclosures in a single Dashboard

personalization Loan Process Automation

  • Workflow automation framework for a high efficiency production environment

Driving an effective mortgage origination process infolean-web-Landing-page_051

About Coforge BPS

Coforge Business Process Solutions (BPS) is a disruptive AI-led business operations provider, driving profitable growth for our customers with compliant outcomes, data insights and enhanced experiences. Coforge BPS is augmenting Business Process services and human capital with AI to enhance customer experience, improve business effectiveness and increase efficiency.

Our domain expertise covers industries like Banking, Cards, Mortgage, Financial Services, Insurance, Travel and Hospitality, Healthcare and our cross-industry solutions – like Customer Experience, Analytics & Reporting, Quality Control, Risk Management, Digitization and Automation – cut across all industry verticals. We also offer multiple domain-specific as well as industry-agnostic digital platforms solutions.

For more information write to: CoforgeBPS@coforge.com

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