Is the high cost of non-compliance
impacting your Loan Servicing

Stop leakage due to the cost associated with loan compliance using our Tech/ AI Led solutions.


Coforge has developed Tech/ AI-enabled solution offerings to help lower your mortgage servicing cost of compliance. Experience the future of automated quality control and compliance testing with our Copasys solution - now available for a free 30-day Proof of Concept (POC)*. Discover how Copasys streamlines your processes, enhances accuracy, and cuts costs, all risk-free for a full month!

These solutions deliver:

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40% reduced cost

40% reduced  cost 
100% population coverage

100% population coverage
10X faster results

10X faster results

Calculate the savings on your compliance:

Mortgage Servicing Portfolio Size

MSR portfolio size US$




Approx. Number of loans in servicing




Avg. Unpaid Balance (UPB)




Your current estimated cost to service a loan per year

$ per loan




Direct cost of compliance (including corporate admin & QC):

Cost of non-compliance (including penalties, legal costs & fees):


The Impact

Current Potential Cost of Non-compliance:




Potential Cost after Coforge solution:





Total estimated savings from implementing Coforge Solution:

Percent savings:

$ savings:


Assumptions: The compliance costs includes direct cost of QC & compliance and also corporate costs related to QA/ compliance. Cost of non-compliance includes penalties, legal costs and remediation expenses


Key Solution Offerings

customer-service-1  Customer Experience

  • Monitor customer interactions in real-time, flagging any potential non-compliance issues.
  • Standardize customer communications, ensuring that all information provided is complaint with current regulations

page-quality  Automated QC/Compliance

  • Automating routine tasks like document verification, payment processing, and compliance checks reduces manual labor and errors.

data-management (1)  Data Analytics

  • Analyze trends and patterns in loan repayment and customer behavior to help identify potential compliance issues early and allowing for preemptive corrective actions

  • Monitor transactions in real-time for anomalies that may indicate non-compliance with regulations

ai (2)  Gen-AI for Knowledge Management

  • Gather and categorize data from various sources such as regulatory documents, internal compliance reports, audit findings, and industry updates that can be easily navigated and searchable.
  • Analyze vast amounts of text and provide summaries and responses of key qc and compliance related information to employee inquiries

In addition to these compliance driven solutions, Coforge BPS supports lenders and services across the full mortgage value chain, with a combination of mortgage expertise, mortgage platforms, and AI-enabled solutions.




Boarding and Indexing of Documents


Loan Servicing Customer


Outbound and Inbound

Improve your Compliance in Loan Servicing with our Copasys enabled solution that can deliver
40% reduction in cost
100% population coverage
10X faster than others

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About Coforge BPS

Coforge Business Process Solutions (BPS) is a disruptive AI-led business operations provider, driving profitable growth for our customers with compliant outcomes, data insights and enhanced experiences. Coforge BPS is augmenting Business Process services and human capital with AI to enhance customer experience, improve business effectiveness and increase efficiency.

Our domain expertise covers industries like Banking, Cards, Mortgage, Financial Services, Insurance, Travel and Hospitality, Healthcare and our cross-industry solutions – like Customer Experience, Analytics & Reporting, Quality Control, Risk Management, Digitization and Automation – cut across all industry verticals. We also offer multiple domain-specific as well as industry-agnostic digital platforms solutions.

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