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Profitability and Operational Flexibility are Key to Survival

Are you prepared?


Transform your Freight Operations 

As the global economy increases its dependency on the transportation and logistics industry, the need for digital transformation and automation becomes even more critical to operations, profitability, and customer satisfaction. Coforge has real-world experience helping carriers to react to market dynamics quickly with less effort, allowing them to focus on their customers, their people, and growth strategies to move more freight.

The freight rating engine empowers LTL carriers with a nimble, configurable platform to create and adjust pricing plans across dimensions, turning market challenges into opportunities to improve profits.


We ensure your freight pricing programs can withstand and change with minimal effort

Carriers who utilize our LTL Freight Rating Engine are realizing the tremendous business benefits, shifting their Industry experts to value add tasks and improving the bottom line.

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Our Pega Capability

Coforge is a Pega Global Elite Partner, a status offered by Pega to their most experienced and capable partners. We offer our customers a comprehensive set of services to ensure they get the most value from their Pega investment, including strategy, design, implementation, and support for applications created on the Pega Platform as well as the industry-leading Pega Customer Service, Sales Automation, and Marketing applications.

Our 1,300 strong Pega practice is one of the largest in the world. We assist global organizations in their digital transformation journeys by boosting efficiency, improving customer experience, and maximizing customer lifetime value. With over 120 Pega Lead System Architects, we are proud to be known as one of the highest certified Pega practices in the world. 

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The LTL Freight Rating Engine automates carrier operations with ease

Pega TrueRate

Provide Intelligent accurate rates with auto-rating capabilities

Make the changes you need

Mass or selectively apply rate changes

Solution flexibility

Allows hypothetical pricing combinations without production system impact

Template driven

Create scalable, configurable, template-driven pricing plans

Contract development

Handles single and multi-rate contracts

Business-driven design

Find solutions that enhance your offerings

Scope your plan

Configure global, regional, and customer-based parameters

Profitability focus

Reduce waste and increase program agility

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