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Win more LTL Freight business.

PRISM delivers!

Transform your Freight Operations 

Coforge Freight Pricing & Rating Engine (PRISM), built on the Pega Platform, gives Less-than-Truckload (LTL) carriers a platform to quickly respond to market opportunities by incorporating available industry class rates, designable pricing plan constructs, and a world-class business rules engine. This makes the complexity of freight rating a simple, configurable, nimble experience your pricing team can manage with little IT involvement.

Our deep expertise in transportation & logistics technologies empowers our organizations to accelerate growth, transform the customer experience, and become agile as global consumers increasingly depend on the movement of goods worldwide


We ensure your freight pricing programs can withstand and change with minimal effort

Carriers who utilize our LTL Freight Rating Engine are realizing the tremendous business benefits, shifting their Industry experts to value add tasks and improving the bottom line.

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Our Pega Capability

Coforge is a proud Pega Global Elite Partner providing implementation, delivery, and testing services. PRISM helps global transportation and logistics companies crush business complexity and operate smarter, simpler, and faster. Our 1000+ strong Pega practice brings unmatched expertise in assisting global organizations to achieve their digital process automation goals, revolutionize their customer's experience, boost efficiency, and maximize customer lifetime value.

With 115+ Pega Lead System Architects on board, we are one of the highest certified Pega practices in the world. Our highly experienced teams have delivered 300+ successful customer implementations.

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The LTL Freight Rating Engine automates carrier operations with ease

Pega TrueRate

Provide intelligent, accurate rates with auto-rating capabilities

Template Driven

Create scalable, configurable template-driven pricing plans

Fast, Flexible Planning

Quickly and easily configure global, regional, and customer-based parameters

Make the changes you need

Business users can make the changes needed quickly and apply them en masse or selectively

Contract Development

Automates single and multi-rate contracts

Provide fast, accurate quotes

Produces multiple quotes per load

"What if" capability

Allows hypothetical pricing combinations without production system impact

Business-driven design

Make essential changes quickly, independent of IT

Increase profitability

Improve efficiency, reduce manual work, and close business faster

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