Solving the curse
of the shared mailbox
in customer service

Streamlining customer service, enabling teams to resolve
cases up to 95% faster while delivering exceptional,
personalized service in asset and wealth management industry.

Customers like communicating in natural ways using familiar tools like email, text, and phone calls, especially for crucial communications. Traditional systems struggle with unstructured communication, but our AI-driven case management and workflow system is designed to handle it efficiently. Enhance your customer service without the need for additional staff or restrictive portals.


The Solution1-JAID-3box

Introducing Jaid, an AI-powered platform that automatically reads, interprets, and organizes client communications, from all engagement channels, and sends the request to the right place for action and resolution.

Key Features:

Explore how our AI-driven approach can transform your organization, creating a more efficient, engaged, and customer-focused environment providing you with the insight you need to run your business better.

Operational Efficiency

Achieve a new level of productivity with Jaid's AI solutions. Reduce manual tasks by over 50%, significantly improving issue resolution efficiency by up to 95%. 

Employee Engagement
Enhance job satisfaction by 25%, allowing your team to dedicate their skills to valuable and impactful work, fostering a more engaged and motivated workforce.

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Customer Experience
Deliver faster, more accurate responses with Jaid's advanced AI capabilities. Transform your customer service, achieving a remarkable 45% increase in customer satisfaction rates. 

The Jaid system helps give me dramatically better insights into the workings of our call center operation…
This helps me to understand the changing nature of our business, to plan capacity correctly, to identify areas
for product optimization, and to ensure we are meeting client SLAs.

Mike Davies, Head of Global Operations at Calastone

About Coforge BPS

Coforge Business Process Solutions (BPS) is a disruptive AI-led business operations provider, driving profitable growth for our customers with compliant outcomes, data insights and enhanced experiences. Coforge BPS is augmenting Business Process services and human capital with AI to enhance customer experience, improve business effectiveness and increase efficiency.

Our domain expertise covers industries like Banking, Cards, Mortgage, Financial Services, Insurance, Travel and Hospitality, Healthcare and our cross-industry solutions – like Customer Experience, Analytics & Reporting, Quality Control, Risk Management, Digitization and Automation – cut across all industry verticals. We also offer multiple domain-specific as well as industry-agnostic digital platforms solutions.

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